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News 4.19
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 19th Mar 2012 00:24
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  1. Good day Evolvers,
  3.         Almost two months has passed since that the redesign of our graphics has started. We can now say that we are close to be done! As you can see on the header, we come with a brand new graphic design, mainly with the help of Len Pabin, IvanMorve and FotherJ.
  4.         For now, we just need some days to rethink some more part of our graphic bases, and we can after that say that we are getting ready to go on the next step!
  6.         The next step of the development for teh Beta Release #2 will be to get ready most of the Level Design stuffs, which means futur NPC's dialogs, quests and maps.
  8.         We can so now plan a release date for our second beta episode. Due to some major change in our graphics, we won't be able to publish our work online at the end of April, as it was announced in January.
  9.         But the late won't be long! We should be able to offer you this update at Satursday 12 May 2012, but remember that this date is not 100% sure, we will warn you of any futur changes if it happens.
  11.         Else than that, we still search some vulonteer for our translation! If you are interressed, look at this wiki page and get in contact with Reid! Everybody can help, remember that! ;D
  13.         Let's finish with ManaPlus's News, since the latest news, two version has seen the light of the day, the and the latest, here a resume of their ChangeLog:
  14. * A fix for the client data translations happened, some translated string did not appear, but the problem is not corrected.
  15. * The error message won't be visible for missing emotes anymore.
  16. * Default NPC dialog size window get increased.
  17. * A New setting tab is added, it regroup every "Visual" settings.
  18. * Some differnt sound effects get added for different messages. (This option can be configured in audio setting page.)
  19. * You can also from now resize your minimaps, to fit your wished size.
  20. * The latest client version will now be visible through the News Update screen.
  21. * Support for per race equipment sprites get added.
  22. * The Use and Equip buttons are now remplaced by one and unique button.
  25. You can use this link ( for a complet overview of ManaPlus's ChangeLog.
  27. Dearly yours, Reid.

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