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News 4.16
Posted by Anonymous on Mon 16th Apr 2012 01:26
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  1. Monday 16 April.
  3. Hello all,
  5.         Here we go with some news on the Beta Release #2 development process. We recently set our guidelines for the futur release"s" of Evol Online, we will publish on the following weeks a complete report of this, but the most important part was the cut of the development of the game in multiple stage.
  7.         Firstly, a bit of history, if you follow Evol Online since the start you might know that we released on the past year a Pre-Alpha and an Alpha release. Both of them were meant to test our new server and client as well as our graphics database, mainly to know their possibility but also to know on which side we should focus.
  8.         After these releases, we decided to enter in what we will call it later, the "Beta Session", the development of this last is cut in three part. The first release is here to set and to test the chosen story, the second release (the one currently in development) will focus on the gameplay development while the third and last release will conclude in a general balance.
  9.         The Beta's goal is to get some basics guidelines on how will be set the game design in general for the futur releases.
  10.         Coming after this Beta session, two kind of releases will see the light of the day. They will be named Aurora and the Skylandia Releases. Aurora will follow the main quest through the island of the same name, it will make you join the city of Esperia and make you discover what happened to you before that the commercent ship rescued you. The Skylandia will be independant from this main quest, it will give you the opportunity to visit the rest of the island of the whole island group of Andorra.
  11.         Finally, the Merucirans Releases will end the game, it will shows you every secret of the game, and many things that you can't imagine right now... But! We want to keep this kind of releases secret for now, so you will need to be patient. :)
  14.         For going back to the actual development, we resumed in a wiki page most of the things to complete to get the Beta2 on the ray. You can access it by this link: .
  15.         We are also in search of some contributors, we need a serious help on the scripting and translation tasks.
  16.         Before to end, we would like to thanks Hal9000, AxlTrozz and Pihro for their recent contribution on the graphic and language tasks!
  19. We need your precious help to complet this release, and remember that anybody can come and contribute! (Even with a comment on how you find this game ;D )
  22.         A note on ManaPlus development now, you will find bellow some of the news made on the latest version of our official client.
  24. - A fix has been done to correct a possible crash after connecting to game.
  25. - The support for proxy got added for the download updates.
  26. - The auto-hide function for the top corner buttons got now three state, which let you decide how you want that these buttons behave (Hide, Show, Hide in small resolution)
  27. - You can now clear the drop window menu, you won't need to remove every items one by one.
  28. - Some speed improvement has been done for the software mode, as well as an option to enable/disable the texture blurring has been added
  29. - Etc...
  30.         For a complete changelog, you can check manaplus home page at .
  33. Have a nice day!
  34. Reid.

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