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News 12.11
Posted by Anonymous on Tue 11th Dec 2012 11:52
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  1. Good day Evolvers,
  3. What a hard month! The rush for bringing the Halloween event in time made us somehow lost some days of works for the upcomming release, but anyway, it was worth it, right?
  6. A little resume of the Halloween event...
  7. We thank all of you who came to participe at this short event, that's the first one in the history of Evol, and we were happy to share this moment with you.
  9. And for the ones which misses Bacchus, don't worry... Our favorite event officier will be here for the next Event! *cough*easter*cough*
  12. Let's enter in the the heart of the matter now. The next release is finally in final stage, Alige reviewed all of the newly added English dialogues and sentences, and we frozen these strings for the translation step.
  13. Friend translators, you're welcome!
  14. Few tasks are left, but we plan 2 more weeks for testing purpose.
  15. 11th December... 18th December... 25th...
  16. Yes! The next major release will be for Christmas! The date is not yet fixed, but be sure that Evol will be in your Christmas stocking. ;D
  19. Before that I forgot, today is the birthday of Francesco Miglietta, aka Hal9000, so if you come through IRC, think about it!
  22. As usual, a little ManaPlus news.
  24. ManaPlus reached the version this last week-end, pasts versions of our client provided some amazing new features, like a new thème 100% Evol Online by Hal9000, an Alpha port of ManaPlus on Android and MacOSX (Thanks to 4144, Vasily and Socapex).
  26. And always new as many new features that you can discover at:
  29. This point conclude this news entry.
  30. We wish you all a good end of year and we hope to see you online for the release of the next Beta2!
  32. Cheers,
  33. Reid.

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